Litter Tray & Sleeping Area

Owning a ferret does not stop at the cage and food, here we will go over a few of the other important items that you will need to buy for your ferret before you take them home.


A ferret litter tray or box should have one lowered side so that the ferret can easily walk in and out. The other sides of the tray should be fairly high, as ferrets like to back themselves into a cornet to do their business. A good tip is to leave some faeces in the litter tray all the time so the ferret does not try to play inside the litter tray. Note that you can use normal cat litter as ferret litter.


A sleeping area dedicated for sleeping and resting is needed for your ferret that contains all the appropriate bedding. If you have a wire cage you should place a box inside with bedding inside, they will not be happy with sleeping in the open cage as you can easily see through the wires. You should fix the box to the side of the cage so your ferret does not drag it all about the cage, they could easily drag it into the litter side of the cage and it end up soiled and need cleaning.


If you are housing the ferrets outside you will need to provide enough soft insulating material for your ferret to keep warm at all times of the year. Some materials to avoid are sawdust as this can cause eye irritation; cedar chips can cause respiratory problems. Try and get pines chips, they should be available at any good pet store.


If you are keeping your ferret indoors you can make bedding from an old t-shirt, sweater or towel, all makes good bedding and can be easily washed. Be careful of loose string as your ferret could swallow it and choke or cause a blockage inside.


Look and ask in the pet store for the best ferret bedding, there are many good brands that make bedding especially for ferrets that are sold at reasonable prices.