Ferret Collars and Toys

Keeping a collar on your ferret is good practice to follow, if they should ever escape, people can easily see that they are a pet, not a wild animal as they can sometimes be perceived.


Please note that a ferret collar is not a fashion accessory, even though it is sold that way by many stores. Always purchase a lightweight collar that is made of nylon, soft leather or suede, if the collar is too heavy, your ferret will try to remove it from their neck. You can get small bells to attach to the collar so it will ring wherever your ferret goes, this way you will be able to identify where they are around the house.


You can train your ferret to walk in a harness on a lead, if you do this always buy the correct harness, do not attempt to make one from an old dog lead as a ferret can slip out of a normal collar easily, they will need a full body harness to ensure their safety. You should always remove the harness from your ferret when you finish walking them. Look in your local pet store and ask them for advise on the best selling ferret harnesses.


Many simple items that you can find around your home can make great toys for your ferret. An idea is to use a gallon jug and cut holes big enough for your ferret to climb in and out of, this can become their sleeping area, a hide out place and a play house, it is charming watching how ferrets react to certain things you give them. Many good toys designed specifically for your ferret’s enjoyment are sold in the mainstream pet shops. Have a look around and find some good toys that your ferret can always play with at home.


Please be careful when choosing toys, as many toys can prove harmful to your ferret. Never give them toys that are too small that could easily be swallowed, it is not nice for something to become lodged in your ferrets intestines and them need surgery to correct it, not to mention the cost of the veterinarian. Be especially wary of rubber toys as small pieces can break of and swallowed accidentally by the ferret. If you have children watch out for small pieces of Lego, marbles and other small toys that could be lying around looking interesting to your ferret.


A great to toy to set up is a makeshift hammock for your ferrets or long piping to be used as tunnels for them to run through, they will get hours of enjoyment from these kinds of simple toys, use your imagination.