Ferret Vaccinations

Ferret Vaccinations

Please be aware that any vaccination for your ferret always poses the risk of causing an adverse vaccine reaction. It is always wise to hang around at the vets’ surgery for 45 minutes after the vaccine has been administered so you can let them deal with the situation if anything goes wrong in the best way, just to be in the safe side.


Signs of bad reactions are diarrhoea, vomiting and at worst, seizures. If your ferret has even had a bad reaction to a vaccine before that you know of, be sure to let the veterinarian know about it before there next vaccine treatment, an antihistamine can be given to reduce the risk of it happening again.


Your ferret must be vaccinated for canine distemper; this can be a fatal disease for a ferret. A kit should get their first injection for canine distemper at around 6 weeks old, then again every 3 or 4 weeks until they reach 14 weeks old, then they will only need a booster injection once a year.


Rabies is another vaccination that is recommended, even if your ferret will not go outside. If your ferret was to ever bite someone, you will want to prove that they have had a rabies injection; otherwise the person who was bitten may be more likely to report the biting. More often than not you will be ordered to have the ferret put down if a bite is reported.


Regular checkups at the vet is very important to your ferrets health, you must keep up to date with vaccinations.