One ferret or two?

You should make note that ferrets are very social animals. If you own a single ferret you will need to provide them with ample toys and playtime so they can entertain themselves as well as you. Your ferret will like to be where all the action goes down in your house so keep them near a busy room like the kitchen or dining room. All the high activity ferrets display is maybe why they sleep for up to 14 hours a day, if ferrets have nothing to do and are bored, they will usually just go to sleep.


You should keep your ferret locked in a cage when it sleeps as night or when no one else is home for it’s own safety. Let your ferret explore outside of the cage when you or someone else can be there to supervise them. If you have other pets in your home, like a dog or cat, your ferret will learn to play with them and teach them some new tricks.


If you can’t make the decision as to whether to buy just one ferret or more, know that you do not have to buy 2 ferrets together. Most ferrets will accept the arrival of a new ferret coming into their home. If you will have little time to give to your pet ferret, then it is a wise idea to get a pair of ferrets so they can keep each other company and entertain one another when you are not there. You will experience great joy watching two ferrets tumbling around together; it makes the extra work of having to look after two ferrets worth the effort.


A quick word of warning about males that have not been neutered, they should not be housed with other ferrets as they become very territorial during the breeding season and can harm other ferrets around them.


If you have more than one ferret you still need to supply them with toys to play with, as they can still get bored. There are many ferret toys on the market that your ferret would enjoy but lets not forget how easy it is to give things from around the house to use as toys, such as empty toilet rolls, cardboard boxes, old handbags, bits of rope, use your imagination.